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FAQ - Bathroom Remodeling

Most bathroom remodels have similar steps: Demolition, Plumbing, Drywall, Cultured Marble or Granite Installation and Installation of the shower enclosure. However, each bathroom is different and there may be additional steps needed to complete your individual remodel. Our sales team can review those items with you during your appointment.
There are many reasons to use cultured marble/granite/onyx instead of tile. The main reason being that the solid pieces we install do not allow water to seep through. Almost all connections we make have a double barrier and are sealed with 100% RTV silicone which all but eliminates the risk of leaks. Additionally our material is very easy to clean there is no grout to scrub and the solid sections can be squeegeed just like glass.
The costs are determined by the scope of work.
Remodels can be done in as little as 3-4 days or last as long as 3 weeks, depending on the scope of work.
It's difficult to provide an average as the scope of work and layout have a major affect on price.
For most of our remodels, we ask for a 25% deposit with the balance to be paid upon completion.
Yes! From choosing the colors to adjusting the layout, our sales team will review with you how we can create your dream bathroom!
Yes! We carry all necessary licensing, bonding and insurance to legally and responsibly carry out our work in Nevada!