FAQ Shower Enclosures

FAQ - Shower Enclosures

In most cases, our average lead time, from order to installation, is 6-8 business days. Installations can vary from 1-3 hours depending on the shower enclosure layout and details.
It's difficult to provide an average as the layout and size have a major affect on price.
We ask for a 50% deposit and the balance when we have completed the installation of the enclosure.
Yes! From glass options to hardware options to layout options there are many ways for you to customize your shower enclosure!
Primarily, you want a shower enclosure to keep the water inside the shower. Most people want a shower enclosure that accentuates the beauty of their shower. It's always good to find the balance between the practical function and aesthetics of your shower enclosure. Our sales team is always ready to assess your shower and find the shower enclosure that works best for you.